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Wholesale Toys liquidation Pallets

We offer a huge selection of wholesale Toys liquidation pallets that we obtain through liquidated merchandise. We have been in business for a long time, and the experience we have collected enables us now to serve our customers and see what their needs are met.

Toys liquidation pallets

We are Kid’s Toys Wholesale Distributors

We receive our pallet of wholesale toys from different retailers and manufacturers, with this in mind, it should be noted that the prices change from a pallet to another. Once you visit our website, you can learn all about these differences either in an auction or direct sales, this will allow getting a broader idea about the items you will receive upon your purchase.

Buy Wholesale Toys Bulk at Affordable Price

Buying wholesale toys truckloads of liquidated merchandise is immensely profitable. do you want to buy items for the cheapest prices possible in the market and resell them for maximum profit? Look no further, we are at your service.

Best Wholesale Toy Pallet Liquidations

We sell the best toys wholesale liquidations in bulks and also by pallets, whether you want to buy a truckload of toys or a pallet, we have got you covered.

On this page, we will talk about several factors that could make your business booming because of the purchase of liquidated toys. If you adopt a good marketing strategy, you can make huge profits in a very short period of time. In order to do, one must focus on a target audience what how you can sell these goods to them. If you adapt a good method, you will see how your business will start booming.

What Are Wholesale Toys Pallet Liquidations?

Toy wholesale pallet liquidation happens when a seller, either a retailer, distributor or a manufacturer receives, makes or orders a huge load of products but fails to sell them all in one way or another, we will talk most of these ways bellow. Having big unsold products is a big loss for these sellers, so the best option for them is to liquidate their merchandise to avoid any losses. They sell these products for the lowest prices possible, opportunity liquidators like us do not miss.

Companies of big scales and who specialize in physical products conduct an analysis through which they decide on products and conclude whether these products will when sold, would they make a profit by putting them or shelves or by selling them in bulks. Many factors push companies to follow that strategy, it may be because of season changes, logistics, updated lines of products, and so many other things. However, for liquidators, it does not really matter which decision these companies take, all that matters is getting our hands on the products.

The liquidation reason has a huge effect on the quality of the products liquidated. Items come in various conditions, the buyer has to make sure to read about the quality of the products before proceeding with the purchase. At Premium Quality Pallets, we let our clients know the quality they would b getting with each order so the quality of products does not surprise them.

If you know what you will be purchasing, have to develop a marketing strategy that is based on maximizing your winnings, then buying toys via a liquidator company like us can be the most effective method to make some big money.

Where The Liquidated Pallets of Toys are From?

The sources from which we acquire liquidated merchandise differ, but we are only interested in a small selection of supply chains that are on the top of our watch list as fast as possible. As we have stated earlier, cleaning space is the main reason why retailers liquidate their products, it is the most important for supply chains that deal with physical products. They need to do the best they can to grab the customer’s attention and the best way to do that is to keep bringing new products to the retail stores they came from.

Our toys are purchased from several major retailers, and we receive them various conditions. You will find below a list of the different conditions that our merchandise will be found in, and we will talk about the characteristics of each category:

Customer Returns

Any retail operation receives returns, it is a part of the business and most of the products returned are not suitable to be sold again. When this happens, the methods available to retailers are plentiful. Some prefer to put big discounts on them, others prefer garage sales. They sell these items in bulk for lower prices, just enough so they can prevent any financial losses.

With these lower prices, comes various quality in the products liquidated. Upon purchasing liquidated merchandise, you will get items in numerous conditions, some of them might be good some others will be like new. Some may be slightly defected, while others may be half damaged. This huge range of quality types can be seen reflected on the prices for these toys, however, if you are not ready to add some touches on these products, you probably should not choose customer returns.

In-Store Returns

We acquire in-store customer returns from several retailers and most of the time these items are not usually accounted for. By purchasing our in-store returns, you will get an unsorted collecting of toys. With this in mind, the quality of these toys is never known, but the prices compensate for the ambiguity, as they are competitive and very encouraging.

Online Returns

Online stores make it easier for customers to return goods; therefore, it is normal that they receive a lot of returns even though these returns are in good condition. These returns are due to many reasons, one of them is the buyer’s behavior. Some buyers make orders on several toys, after they receive their products, they decide on which one to choose and return the other items.

These items are returned to the logistics company instead of the original seller, which may result in even more damage. They may also be damaged in a warehouse, or just by the person who is handling packages  Web distribution returns are sold in bulks to liquidators for very low prices.

With this being said, the store owner finds himself obliged to sell these products to liquidators because they have already been opened and messed with. If this tells anything, it implies that this still does not assure that items acquired via online customer returns are in great condition, however, you could have better chances of getting toys in neat conditions.

Shelf Stock

Rotating inventory is most profitable for actual stores. These stores aim to attract the attention of costumers through decoration, packaging, and prices. The analysis is done every now and then to determine which toys are doing well in terms of selling and which toys are not. New models then replace the least sold toys and the old ones are pulled off from shelves. The least sold toys should not go to waste, therefore, retailers resort to liquidation.

Store Pulls

We offer our clients toys that most of the time are still in their original packaging and can only have some minor wear and tear just because they were hung on display in a store or touched by many costumers

Overall, both store pulls and shelf stock toy wholesale liquidations are a wonderful opportunity to obtain excellent quality goods in very good condition. Some of the causes that make toys end up at Quality Whole Sale Pallets include:

  • Off-season products
  • Discontinued toys
  • Toys with price tags 
  • Toys with anti-theft tags
  • Packaging damage
  • Toys that do not have the original package


Overstock clearance is a great opportunity to get hold of some high-quality toys at a very low price. If a retailer or company buys a big number of one particular product, it would be better to make some financial profits, even though small, and have these toys liquidated instead of leaving them in storage which will make space for items that are selling fast and needed in the market.


When companies, shop or a retailer closes down, the toys left at their storage area should be addressed. Most of the time, they may need to send many of their goods to other stores, however, their stocks could not hold and there will be leftovers. Moreover, stores that end up being closed completely and out of business should liquidate their entire inventory to pay back any loans, or to simply gain more profits.

Most of the time; closeouts can also have things like toys coming from store displays & promotional materials, in addition to toys that are often manifested and taken into account. If your target is obtaining a wide selection of products in order to expand your business with, and offer of numerous choices for your clients, closeout will be your best option.

Repaired Goods

Distributors and retailers often repair their damaged items before liquidating their merchandise and getting it out in the market because they believe the best option is to fix and to re-condition their goods. The higher the quality of the products, the higher the price will be and the higher its value becomes in comparison with an unrepaired or broken item.

Repaired and reconditioned toys often come without their original packing or sometimes, no packing at all, however, most of them may still look brand new. Rest assured that our specialists check the quality of these toys before they are sold to our clients.

Quality and Conditions

Since we have listed our different sources of toys above, you can imagine the number of products we have and their different qualities, meaning that upon purchasing a pallet of a truckload, you will be getting the best-liquidated merchandise we have to offer. Of course, you can roam in our store and buy specific items with a specific quality.

New or as New

As the name suggests, now and like-new items are obtained from closeouts, shelf pulls and overstock. If you buy products from these categories, rest assured that you will receive high-quality items since they belonged in big shops or retailers. If you only need high-quality toys, these choices are the best to go with.


Used toys are plentiful at quality whole sale pallets, if it is what you prefer, then we have got you covered. As we have said earlier, we obtain these items online, in-stores and returned goods, which means you will receive a huge quantity. If however, you want high-quality items, we suggest that you do not purchase used items and go with new or like-new toys. If you want to make it fun and adventurous, go with mixed pallets, you may get more new items than used ones.


Refurbished goods are QC’d before you send it, however, there is no guarantee of good quality. Moreover, you can expect that refurbished products will be missing some parts without any package. If you are planning to resell these toys to your customers, you will need to make some effort to fix them or make packages for them.

If your high demand, we suggest that you go refurbished toys. It is the perfect way to offer your costumers products at low prices.


Salvaged goods are goods that are no in great condition to resell, but your costumers can do the fixing themselves. Of course, this should be an agreement between the two parts. If, on the other hand, you repair your own products then sell them, there is nothing better than salvage pallets, they are cheap and contain many items.

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