Shoe Spring-Summer Mix

Spring-Summer Shoe Mix Liquidations

We carry Spring-Summer Shoe Mixed Pallets from USA Major Department Stores Liquidations. We have created a Mix that we call the USA Family Shoe Mix which is a blend of Women Shoes, Men Shoes, and Children Shoes.

Spring-Summer Mix Shoe Pallets

Mix Assorted Shoe Pallets from TGT
IN STOCK SKU: Salvage General Merchandise Pallets


You’re buying wholesale Shoe pallets of assorted Women’s, Men’s, and Kid’s shoes.

It has a blend of different sizes, styles, and brands.

This Mix Includes: Casual and Dress Shoes, Sneakers, Workboots and Sandals among others. Please take a look at the sample photos as a representation of the goods included in this mix.

They are sold as a percent of the cost of wholesale, goods like this are very profitable due to their low cost. Our price is $3.50 per pair. Retail price: approx. 9.95-45.99 dollars. Ideal for any re-sellers!

They are all matched pairs, all-new, even with the original retail labels. It could be a small amount that can be sent back to the shelf before liquidation.

You will receive a large assortment of brands, sizes, styles and types for men, women, and children.

We have a huge range of Surplus and Shelf pulls. With a massive selection of Closeout Surplus and Below Wholesale Overstock including men’s sneakers, women’s Shoes, and Overstock sneakers.

We are looking for a long and successful commercial relationship with you and your company. We have years of experience in Closeout sales and Salvage Surplus so that our customers can buy high-quality Closeout goods with trust and confidence.

We also carry Fall-Winter Shoe Liquidation Pallets, get in contact with us to find out about these lots

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