Salvage Merchandise Pallets

Salvage Merchandise Pallets

We offer pallets of salvage general merchandise From USA major Department Stores and online retailers Such as WMT, TGT, JCP, AMZ and other stores. We have the most Clean salvage customer returns and surplus pallets available.

Take a look at our different Salvage pallets of general merchandise for sale below.

Salvage General Merchandise Pallets

Mix Assorted General Merchandise from TGT
IN STOCK SKU: Salvage General Merchandise Pallets

EST. ORIG. RETAIL:$350,000

Assets were tagged as defective due to operational reasons, the appearance or both of them.

These are loaded with 24 Full High Pallets of General Mixed Salvage Merchandise. Every container will hold a large assortment of goods and categories including, household goods, toys, electronics, baby items, pet products, home decor, lawn and garden items, sporting goods, clothing among others.

Pallets of Salvage General Merchandise for Sale

You are Welcome to visit our warehouse an inspect the goods for sale your self. 

Buy pallets of Returned Goods

These Salvage Pallets of General Merchandise are perfect for resale in any retail store, pawn shop, mercados, flea market or even for international export.

How to Buy These Pallets of Goods

If you are a liquidator you can contact us and ask to speak to one of our sales rep managers. They are the people who can assist you on buying salvage returned goods by the pallets. Be sure to state your intentions and ask to speak with one of them.


As a pallet buyer of returned goods, you must remember that the price you have to pay per pallet is only the start. You also need to think about additional fees you will have to spend before you sell a product, such as transportation and delivery costs.

Ensure you can pick up what you purchase to save money. When you order 20 pallets of goods, you need a truck that can carry them all, and helpers to quickly load them. If 20 or more pallets are bought we can help you coordinate with your carrier to pickup your pallets