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Home Improvement Liquidation

If you looking for Home Improvement Liquidation you are in the right place. At Quality Whole Sale Pallets, we have a continuous supply of Home Improvement goods for your customers.

Home Improvement Categories

These are some of the categories you can find in the pallet mixes of home improvement liquidations we sell.

Power Tools
Kitchen & Bath Fixtures
Lighting & Light Fixtures
Lawn & Garden
Smart Home

Buy Pallets of Home Improvement Return Liquidations

We have pallets of home improvement liquidations for sale in our warehouse, you can find power tools by the pallet, construction tools pallets, kitchen remodeling pallets, bathroom remodeling pallets, among other customer returns items for sale.

Home Improvement Goods That Sells

We only sell High-Quality Merchandise that comes from USA major department stores

Best Home Improvement Pallet Liquidation

We have the best and the cleanest tools available at affordable prices. Clients see this branded tools being advertised on television and in the stores every day, increasing its appeal and turning the tools into fast-moving goods. All of our A-quality Home Improvement merchandise comes from closeouts, overstock, surpluses, and customer returns.

The home improvement market is the most crowded one right now. People are always trying to improve their home, they can be motivated by something they saw on the internet or the tongs of home improvements shows they can watch on TV. It does not matter what type of home improvement services or products you offer, there are always people who are ready to buy. It is intense in this market, everybody is on a mission to make their houses more lovable.

There are fortunes waiting for you in the market of home improvement, you just have to know how to invest. The perfect way to do that is the liquidation of home improvement products. Liquidated products are cheaper and abundant. These products come from retailers and big companies who for a reason or another, decided to sell bulks of home improvement items to liquidators. As a buyer of liquidated merchandise, you can either use these products to improve your house or resell them to those who are trying to do so but they are on a tight budget.

Where do Home Improvement Pallet Liquidations Come From?

These Home Improvement Goods comes from the United States Major Department Stores Liquidations here is a list of the type of liquidations we get.


Both big and small home improvement stores find themselves with plenty of unsellable products or with full stock. The solution in the eyes of these stores is to sell excess items for small or no profit at all. The best way to do this very quickly and safely is to sell products in bulk to liquidators like us, who sell them to people for lower prices.

As liquidators, we have our clientele who are always looking for items to buy and then resell in their own stores or online. The goal is to buy retailers’ overstock items for the lower prices and then sell them for profit. This way everyone goes happy.


Not all stores make it in the market due to any factors, the main one of them being competition. When these stores close down or stop working, most of them would still have unsold products. In order to get the maximum profits out of them, they resort to liquidating them. These home improvement products are sold for a price lower than the one initially bought for. Merchandise liquidators like us are always on the hunt for items acquired vide closeouts.

Customer Returns

There are various reasons as to why stores received returned goods. On the top of the list are satisfaction, damage (either minor or major) or just buyers who wanted to test a product. For stores, it really does not matter what is the cause of an item being returned, one thing is certain, they cannot put these items on their shelves again and sell them to their customers.

Stores’ biggest nightmare is a full storage room where they cannot put their products. Therefore, they resort to selling items that may take up stock or products that will not sell to liquidators. Most of the times, returned items are not badly damaged, the damage could be seen on the level of the package only. They are completely resalable.

Refurbished / Repaired

More often, the items may be damaged and when that happens, customers return these items to their sellers if they have a warranty. If that is the case, the product is retouched until it becomes almost like new again. There are several fixing procedures, many of which make the item look like it had never been touched before. Some may have defective looks. Rest assured, however, no matter how bad the product looks, merchandise liquidators like us guarantee that the products meet the standards of our buyers.

Expected Quality of Home Improvement Pallet Liquidation Goods

The state of the product varies from one to the other, however, all of them are assured to function properly. Merchandise is usually new and fresh out of the box, even if that is not the case, rest assured that you would get working products in perfect conditions. You can expect numerous degrees of quality when it comes to products sold by-merchandise liquidators. For lower quality products, always make sure you put decent prices on them and sell them to buyers who are interested specifically in working products.

New Products

It is all indicated in the name, liquidated products also have never been opened before brand new items, originally packaged. Brand new items come from the either closeout of overstocking. As a liquidated merchandise buyer, this is the best haul of products you can get, their prices are usually lower than their value in the market, which can generate good profit without going through the troubles of having them fixed. Not only this but in many cases, these products are still with warranty.

Like New

These products are usually taken out of their package and show signs of being handled by costumers. However, like-new items are still in perfect condition and can be resold in the blink of an eye. It is not much difference between brand new and like-new items, sometimes it is only the package that had been opened or have some small and noticeable damage.

Grade A Reconditioned Products

Refurbished products’ quality is slightly lower than the two categories we described above, however, they are significantly cheaper. These products show signs of modification and redecoration but this does not mean that they cannot be resold. Reconditioned products are working perfectly well even though they look used. All in all, flawless grade A reconditioned products are in mint condition, it is only the decoration that seems to prevent them from looking brand new.

Grade B Reconditioned Products

This is the second level of refurbished product, which means they show more defects than grade A reconditioned products. However, the damages may not be big, but these products clearly show signs of being handled by other people. The price of Grade B products is lower than that of grade A refurbished products. If you are looking for cheap second-hand products, these products are for you.

Grade C Reconditioned Products

Finally, Grade C refurbished products are operational but they may be damaged with scratches, dents, tears, signs of being handled or rust. They are cheaper than the two grades mentioned above. For a low price, you will be getting fully operational products ready to be sold to people who are interested in products of this quality.

Available Home Improvement Goods in the Pallets

Through liquidated merchandise, you will be able to get all the resources you need to improve or remodels all your house’s rooms indoors and outdoors. With this being said, you can find all the required basic tools to make your house look completely new. We offer you the following:


All the tools needed to both construct and destruct.


Available in all sizes and shapes, screwdrivers are very necessary for every house.

Drills and drill bits

You can make holes in walls made of wood, metal or wood without a drill. You can find several bits including ship augers, spade bits, and twist bits.

Tape measure

Measurement is as important as anything related to home improvement. A perfect tape measure allows you to get everything done accurately.


Taking off nails or staples that are misplaced can never be easier. Good pliers should always be by your side.


This is a tool that needs to be installed properly and certainly, a very important gadget for countertops, tables, and towel bars, etc…

Nails and screws

You can’t build anything up without nails and screws. Use them to fix everything in place.

Wire cutters

For all the materials scissors cannot cut.

We have only described small examples of what we have to offer, if you look close on what we have to offer on our website, you can even find putty knives, vice grips, paint can key, and so much more.

Other Item you can Find in The Pallets

Kitchen Improvement


A brand new paint should be able to make your kitchen look livelier.

Lighting fixtures 

Decorate your kitchen with lets to set the mood for friends or family meals. They are inexpensive and stylish.


Completely transform your kitchen by installing a brand new floor. It is an amazing way to completely change the atmosphere in the room.

Improvement of Bathrooms

Plumbing supplies

Stay ready for any problems that could occur in your bathroom with these plumbing supplies.

Better lighting 

Better lighting is always great, it provides decoration and a safe way to those who need it.

Improved flooring

A non-slip surface keeps the bathroom for you, the children and even the elderly safer with better flooring.  This is one of the better options for the bathroom remodeling.

Living Room Improvement

• Ceiling fan: The ceiling fan can add style to the room and even help with air circulation inside it.

• Furniture: Everything related to furniture is available, items such as armchairs, sofas, footstools, and everything else you could think of. New furniture can make an old room seem all new.

• Windows and doors: You cannot imagine a house without doors and windows. Choose one that will add a stylish look to your house.

Other Improvements

• Gardening and lawn supplies: Improve your yard and lawn with various supplies and tools.

• Security and Smart home options: Safety should be your top priority. Items like alarm systems and doorbell cameras will keep your home secure and safe.

• Heating and cooling – If you want to heat or cool your house, we have the best choices. Keep your house warm during winter and cold during summer.

Dotcom Returns

Online purchases generate the biggest number of customer returns. Many online store owners receive items from their buyers for many reasons. Online retailers usually have small storage areas, therefore, they liquidate merchandise more than physical store owners. These online returns are categorized differently than the other sources of products we mentioned before, they are most of the times not handled with care, however, some of them may be returned in good conditions.

People on the internet buy stuff they like upon first sight, however, upon receiving the bough products, many are not satisfied with it. Online retailers are aware of this situation that is why they have made it rather easier to for the buyer to return the items. This encouraging return policies fire back at the retailers and they end up receiving many items that are most of the times unsalable via the internet, these products end up being liquidated


This category includes all products that were pulled off shelves or were already in stock. Both goods are like new and almost never been touched before, they are excess inventory that never managed to be sold. The items in this category do not need much repair and retouching in comparison with costumer returns, all they need is a little bit of cleaning and sometimes packing and they are ready to go. Store stock and shelf-pulls are in great condition and have the following characteristics:

• Seasonal products.

• Discontinued goods

• Items with their original store/retail price tags

• Items with additional retail discount tags on them

• Previously handled packages/products

• The packaging is often not in good condition

• Maybe defaced or de-labeled ( labels or tags removed to prevent a returns to the original retailer)

• Items with attached retail security sensors

• Some items may be in open boxes or out of the box.

• A % of the products can be display units or samples in the store.

All the Materials For Home Improvement

If home improvement items and supplies are your interest, liquidated merchandise will give you a head start in running a successful business. The items are relatively cheaper than the ones displayed in stores; the quality, as well as quantity, may vary from a lot to another. Home improvement is a very popular niche, and people are more and more interested in buying these products. Through liquidated merchandise, you will not run out of stock and you will be able to get new products on a regular basis.