handbags liquidation pallets

Handbag Pallet Liquidations

We carry a wide selection of Department Stores High-end bulk wholesale handbags lots available at warehouse. Buy handbag liquidations.

handbags liquidation pallets

Buy Wholesale Handbags Liquidation pallets in Bulk

As you will buy in bulk, you will have a huge assortment of bags for every occasion, outfit and season. That way your retail store or wholesale business is going to have handbags for your customer’s styles. Best quality handbags liquidation pallets for sale.

Best Handbags Liquidation pallets

A handbag is an ideal accessory for every outfit. It gives a stylish touch and a touch of comfort. No matter if you keep it casual or going fashion-forward, there’s a handbag to suit your style. However, any handbag that is worth to buy is probably cost a lot of cash, even the cheaper ones. Luckily, there is a more accessible way to get the most elegant handbags, and that’s via store liquidation.

This allows you to purchase luxury handbags that are in excellent condition at a reasonable price. All brands are from the most famous and popular designers. And all these handbags are available to you at a price you will not get from any other wholesaler. Buy quality handbags liquidation pallets.

Where Do We Get Our Handbags Liquidation pallets?

We obtain all of our handbag liquidations from Department Store liquidations, These goods are liquidated to a company like us in order for them to make room for new merchandise.  This means that all of our handbags are brand new and they had have never been used before, so they ready to be sold in your outlet store type or Flea-Market. Handbags liquidation pallets sales.

What Are Some Of The Brands You Have Available?

We have bags of all major brands that you can find at any United State top retailer or online Store. Here’s just a sample of the brands of bulk handbags that you can to find in our purses pallet mix:

  • Coach
  • Michael Kors
  • Calvin Klein
  • Ralph Lauren
  • DKNY
  • Kate Spade
  • Dooney and Bourke
  • The Sak
  • Fossil
  • Guess
  • Steve Madden
  • Betsey Johnson
  • Nine West

What are the Types of Handbags We Carry?

You’ll a huge assortment of handbags in our pallet mixes. We offer all types of handbags to suit our customer’s needs, in this mix, you’ll find casual purses, daily use purses, formal and, elegant handbags. Here are a few styles you can find:

Backpack Purses

They are designed for people who want to go hands-free, these bags are elegant and easier to carry than a regular bag.

Shoulder Bags 

A classic and multipurpose bag designed for day-to-day use. There are shoulder bags in a broad assortment of sizes and styles.

Sling Bags

Also known as cross-body handbags, they combine function with fashion. Big enough to accommodate all the accessories you need, yet still small to keep them out of your way.

Satchel Bags

These are excellent when you have large and small objects to separate. Thus, you have your wallet, telephone, notebook, makeup and more, each one has its own proper space.

Clutch Handbag

It is a distinctive handbag style, the clutch gives a pleasant touch of style to a night out in the city.

Beach Bags 

You’ll also find these beach handbags on the mix pallets

We Are The Best Source For Bulk Wholesale Designer Purses

Our handbags liquidation pallets allows you to see that it’s not just about bargains, it’s also about style. Premium quality pallets is your one-stop destination if you want the perfect combination of the two. Our mixed pallets of handbags featuring a great assortment of the best name brand mean you will get the perfect blend of bags for your retail or wholesale business. In our warehouse, you’ll get handbags at prices unmatched by any Liquidator. That’s why we’re your #1 source of bulk wholesale handbags.