general merchandise liquidation pallets

General Merchandise Liquidation

We have a huge inventory on general merchandise liquidation pallets by truckloads & pallets. These are mixed products and assortments of general merchandise. A pallet of mixed general merchandise can contain any of the items that can be seen in a standard department store. You will always find the best offers at Premium Quality Pallets. Buy general mechandise liquidation pallets online.

general merchandise liquidation pallets

General Merchandise Wholesale Supplier

We have a variety of products ranging from housewares, apparel, toys, cosmetics, bedding, electronics, pet products, baby items, home décor, sporting goods, lawn and garden items, and so much more. All in neat condition and ready to be worn. Our merchandise come in big pallets or huge truckloads, the bigger is the haul the lower are the price, and they are the best prices to find the market.

General Merchandise That Sells

We only sell High-Quality Merchandise that comes from USA major department stores

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Through contacting to us, you will receive the best wholesale lots offers. You can do that either via our website or via email. If you want to get an idea about what we sell, take a look at our website. Our customers are given opportunities to get products from major brands and in great conditions, we get these products by acting quickly and making sure we get the first liquidated merchandise of any type.

Best Pallets of General Merchandise Liquidations

We specialize in variety and quality; we are the best General Merchandise Liquidators you will ever tumble upon.

If you are Interested in reselling liquidated products for profit, we recommend that you target the right costumers. This will allow you to gain substantial amounts of money in a shorter period of time. Liquidated products are not always unwanted or have design problems or damage, some of the retailers are sometimes obliged to clear their inventory for several reasons which we will list later on in this article. You can read about the liquidated items we have in store and learn where they come from before you purchase them. General merchandise liquidation pallets stores near me

What Is General Merchandise Liquidation?

Retailers, either major or small, liquidate merchandise when their stocks start piling up and they have no space left to keep these items. This is not the only reason they do so, but it is the main one. Big chains prefer to sell their items for a small profit rather than keeping them in stock until they decay or are no longer wearable. Third party sellers are the ultimate benefactors from these liquidations and we are on the top of the chain. We take hold of this merchandise and sell them to our customers for the best prices in the market. General merchandise liquidation pallets for sale.

As a seller, you can enter an auction over some of our pallets in which you may find some valuable products. You can sell these products for affordable prices in order to make your business booming and build a strong clientele. General merchandise liquidation pallets for sale

We receive a huge number of products from various brands and retailers. Our sources are always providing us with liquidated merchandise; therefore, we are constantly having new products added to our website. If you are trying to have a big storage of products you want to sell online or in an actual store, our pallets are the best options for you. You will be dealing with variety of items and a great qualitative selection. General merchandise liquidation pallets for sale

Where Does These Liquidated General Merchandise Come From?

The sources of our liquidated merchandise are various and numerous, as we have mentioned earlier, the main reason is to clear out space. Space is very important for people who sell many products, some get so many items to the extent they keep  getting products before selling the old ones. Clearing out space is due to the following factors. Buy General merchandise liquidation pallets.

Customer Returns

Most of liquidated merchandise come from customer returns. This is not the best way to get products as a liquidator since all returned items are already used and somewhat damaged. We do not focus on costumer returns much, but we have other means of getting products. However, we do inspect all the items before putting them in one of our wholesale pallets. Rest assured that you would get products in excellent condition if you buy from us. Buy General merchandise liquidation pallets.

We receive general merchandise from dozens of retailers and brands who specialize in many types of products. These products are delivered to us in masses and without being designated. With this being said, some of our pallets can contain various products such as shoes, cosmetics and clothes, whereas we have other pallets that can contain only one type of products. Buy General merchandise liquidation pallets.

The prices of customer returns are special, they are usually cheaper than other liquidated merchandise acquired through other ways. These returns are the best way to increase your selection and reach a wider audience than you normally would if you sell specific products. Buy General merchandise liquidation pallets.

Shelf Pulls and Store Stock

In comparison with costumer returns, shelf pulls are significantly better and in greater conditions and that is mainly due to the nature of the supply. Most of shelf pulled products are brand new and never been opened before, they may show some damage of human handling such as getting beached by the sunlight or minor package damage. Buy General merchandise liquidation pallets.

For us, shelf pulls are the best sources of products, our experts are always on the hunt and every time they are successful in bringing valuable hauls to sell to our customers. These hauls contain high quality items and in some cases, rare products. The items are then checked for damaged and then sold for the most decent prices, for example, you may find an exclusive edition of a Nike Air force for few dollars.

Big brands are not always successful in selling everything on their shelves. Trends and seasonal items oblige them to keep their stocks replenished with the newest products, and when that happens, outdated items need to go, be liquidated. By buying our pallets, you can make huge profit through selling what is inside individually and for the price you see fit. Buy General merchandise liquidation pallets.

To sum up, these are some of the factor that make retailers obliged to liquidate merchandise:

  • Seasonal products.
  • Failed to sell on discount
  • Outdated products
  • Items with retail price tags.
  • Items with anti-theft or security devices
  • Damaged packing due to human handling
  • Close expiration dates.
  • Out of the box products


A common mistake made by major retailers or chains is overstock. One would call it a mistake, but rather a miscalculation. What usually happens is that these retails and chains make big orders on certain products and end up not selling what they excepted to sell before the arrival of new items, this automatically generates an overstock, and they finally resort to liquidating their old or least sold products. These products end up in or hands, ready to be sold to our loyal customers. Buy General merchandise liquidation pallets near me

We purchase these liquidated merchandise for a lower price than their worth, some retailers may only want to get the price they have bought these products for in the first place, consequently making no profit at all or even having minor losses sometimes.

Getting a significant haul from a retailer of the same products may actually be something good for liquidators and liquidated products sellers. This overstock may indicate that the retailer thought this would be a best seller, therefore, if you use these products properly, you may find better success than the retail himself in selling them.

Overall, overstock items are most of the time new and untouched. They may as well be our second favorite liquidated merchandise after shelf pulls.


Retailers, companies and stores that stop business generate more liquidated merchandise. This merchandise is sold to liquidators for two reasons: clearing inventory so other items could be stocked and in order to diminish the loss margin since these products are sold for low prices. Liquidators like us take the opportunity and obtain all products and then resell them for our customers.

When retailers close, they liquidate a wide variety of products and models. You can sell these products in auctions, on the internet or in actual Shop. Closeouts gives you the option to acquiring various types of products that will contribute in attracting different customers with different needs.

Closeout sales are one of our favorite opportunities to get high-quality goods for excellent prices.

Reconditioned or Repaired Merchandise

Damaged returned items are not always thrown away, most of the times retailers and third party may try to repair the damaged goods and sell them again if they think fixing them would not cost much money. If these products do not make it to shelves, the sellers decide to sell them in bulks to liquidators and the market in general. The prices are always competitive which encourages us to seize the opportunity. Buy General merchandise liquidation pallets.

The products you get from our general merchandise pallets are all approved for resale by us or the retailer who sold us the items. You will get a big variation in terms of products, some of which may look used, and others looks brand new.

Web Distribution Returns

Online trade has a high rate of returns. Their products are handled by many people and companies before they are delivered to the buyer. They may be damaged in a warehouse, or just by the person who is handling packages. Products like there are returned to the logistics company instead of the original seller, which may result in even more damaged. Web distribution returns are sold in bulks to liquidators for very low prices.

Online stores make it easier for customers to return good, therefore, it is normal that they receive a lot of returns even though these returns are not at all damaged. With this being said, the storeowner find himself obliged to sell these products to liquidators because they have already been opened and messed with. Returns are also common because some people buy products just to test them and return them to the seller.

These returned items, since few people only touch them, are always in a better condition than the ones put on shelves in actual stores. Most of our web returns are in great shape and its a good opportunity for us as general merchandise liquidators to bring our costumers the best products for low prices.

Quality Levels of Liquidated General Merchandise by Pallets

We have talked about quality of our general merchandise but only in few words. This part of the article is to elaborate on this quality and tell you exactly the quality you expect if you buy our pallets but before you do so, make sure you read about the quality of the items within the pallets you are willing to buy.

New or Like New

New or netlike items are the ones we get from closeouts and shelf pulls because these products have been displayed in a store but have not managed to be sold for a reason or another. You will not do a lot of work to restore or clean these products, you may only need to wipe them of the dust and display them on your shelves or online shop. Items of such quality are usually sold for a high price, you can expect to make big profits from new or new like items.

Customer Returns

You can never expect the quality of costumer returns, some of them may be damaged and need a lot of fixing and other may be as good as new. This is not an option for people who are trying to make big profits, but please note that costumers returns liquidated merchandise pallets are significantly cheaper than new or like pallets. You can always buy costumers returns and spend some time fixing them until they look brand new, you can them sell them for a good profit.


The degree of quality here differs from a product to another when it comes to salvaged merchandise. Consider it like lottery, if you are willing to spend a small sum of money and risk it, you might get high quality items from these pallets that you can turn to profitable trades.

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