furniture liquidation pallets

Furniture Liquidation Pallets

Our wholesale furniture liquidation pallets are overstock and store returns Ready-To-Assemble Furniture Pallets unmanifested and palletized to 6’ height. These pallets come from major US national retailers. Furniture liquidation pallets for sale at affordable prices

We carry the following types of furniture liquidation pallets at our warehouse

furniture liquidation pallets
Indoor Furniture
Outdoor Furniture
Ready to Assemble

Wholesale Furniture Pallets

These furniture pallets are great for flea markets, retailers, pawnshops, exporters, thrift shops, brokers, and many other businesses.

Buy Pallets of New Furniture

We sell many different RTA furniture from several brands, types, styles, and colors. A few brands you may see include Hearth & Hand, Threshold, Opalhouse, Room Essentials, and many more.

Merchandize Liquidators has an overstock warehouse located in Miami, FL with all your overstock living room furniture, bedroom furniture, and dining room furniture needs. Because of the high cost of shipping relative to the low cost of our pallets, we encourage overstock furniture buyers to buy by the truckload. Each pallet we carry is unique and varying in composition so buying more gives you great variety for your business.

What is in Furniture Liquidation Pallets?

Our overstock furniture pallets tend towards larger Ready-To-Assemble (RTA) Furniture. Also known as Knock-Down Furniture, our large RTA furniture pallets contain dressers, desks, accent chairs, bookshelves, end tables, dining tables, bed frames, bar stools, nightstands, cabinets, 4 drawer chests, kitchen and dining chairs, office chairs, recliners, vanity cabinets, living room furniture, lounge-ware, patio furniture, bedroom sets, wardrobes, and many more.

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Furniture Truckload Condition

Our pallets are sold in mixed conditions without manifesting. This means that the best way to purchase with us is to visit our warehouse and Pick up the pallets yourself or work together with our skilled sales department. These are some of the conditions you can expect to find on our goods:

Brand-new or like-new

Furniture that is new or like-new are almost perfect. Usually, it is an excess of stock, shelves, or clearance goods. You may have some damage to the box, worn-out edges on the packing, or other cosmetic problems such as discoloration from sun exposure or dents due to shipping and handling, but usually, it’s nothing major.


The majority of returns from customers were taken to the home by the customer and either tested or minimally used before they returned to the store. Generally, our furniture is perfectly fine with just a little bit of damage. As such, the liquidation nature is very random, there may be occasions in which customer returns could be in inferior condition with heavy damage.


Salvage can be like recycling. Clients who purchase salvage furniture usually dismantle and use the parts to restore or repair.

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