Area Rugs Pallets

Overstock Area Rugs Pallets

We have pallets of mix assorted area rugs from TGT Department Stores these rugs may be sealed/unopened or may have been returned by customers for different reasons. Buy your truckload or pallets today.

Area Rugs Pallets

Overstock Rug Pallets From TGT Stores

Mix Assorted Area Rugs From TGT Stores
IN STOCK SKU: Overstock Area Rugs Pallets

EST. ORIG. RETAIL:$250,000

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Buy Area Rugs & Carpets at a fraction of retail price (MSRP)

Small Overstock Rug Pallets

Mix Assorted Area Rugs pallets From JCP Stores
IN STOCK SKU:  Dot Com Returns Small Rugs

Department Store Home Rugs the pallet consists of about 150 units and may include: bath rugs, throw rugs, welcome rugs, accent rugs, etc. in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

EST. ORIG. RETAIL:$180,000

Types of Rugs you Can Find in the Pallets

In these pallets you can find a wide variety of rugs types that include but is not limited to:

Outdoor Rugs
Round Rugs
Runner Rugs
Wool rugs
Animal Print Rugs
Alpaca Rugs

Best Wholesale Area Rugs Liquidation Pallets

We Offer a Huge Selection of Overstock Rugs – Carpets at the best price on the market. we are carpet wholesaler, our warehouse in Kentucky is filled up with pallets of rugs and other items from United States department stores liquidations

Wholesale Overstock Area Rug Liquidations

By 2017, the world’ s rugs & carpet industry had been valued around $84.3 billion. The industry’s prospects are promising, boosting sales by billions of dollars. Business owners have many opportunities for entering the business and beginning to make a profit.

Buying liquidated merchandise is one way to do this. For example, a palette of area rugs from a department store can be your gateway to the business. At an affordable price, you could buy a pallet and sell it to potential buyers. We carry area rugs pallets and other products at your disposal so that you can grow your company to higher levels. Area rugs pallets for sale

What is a Wholesale Area Rugs Pallets?

Nowadays, department stores are using liquidation techniques to rescue their companies. As a result of the popularity of online shopping, department stores have taken a hit. Buy area rugs pallets at cheap prices .There are less people shopping and fewer orders because of the online boom. Theyve been forced to liquidate this merchandise to save their business.

Also, retail stores that are not in crisis require occasional liquidation. When new items become mainstream and demand attention, then old items have to be relocated. Retailers don’t like them sitting around accumulating dust. They prefer to have them sold and profit from them.

Liquidators get a very low price on these liquidated goods. So the person buying the at their outlet stores, flea markets or mercados doesn’t have to pay full retail price for the items. You can this merchandise easily at our Miami Warehouse.

Get Your Overstock Rug Pallets

Ready to buy some overstock rug pallets for your retail store? Then you should begin buying pallets or even a truckload.

A pallet is a great choice because it is neither too big nor too small. You can get enough rugs to supply your shop, but you don’t have so many that you don’t have space to store. In addition, a pallet tends to be cheaper than a container. You can begin slowly with a pallet if you don’t want to invest too much capital.

There are plenty of options when it comes to source your inventory. But not all of your options are the same. Some may be harmful to your company or they may cause you to do a lot of work.

Premium Quality Pallets understands your business means the world to you. As a company, we work hard to sell affordable pallets with value stocks. Please call us today if you have specific questions.