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Clothing Liquidation

We source clothing liquidation pallets from U.S. major retailers, and carefully process the inventories through our reverse logistics warehouse creating a balanced mix of assorted clothing that adds value to our customers

Clothing Liquidation Categories

Men’s Clothing Mix
Women’s Clothing Mix
Kids Clothing Mix
Plus Size Clothing Pallets

In addition to Men’s wholesale Clothing, Women’s wholesale Clothing, Kids Wholesale Clothing, Plus Size Clothing, Accessories, Swimwear, and Jackets the variety of clothing types for all genders in these pallets, there could also be clothes like swimwear, sleepwear casual, and formal wear from famous brands, some can consider these pallets as treasures.

Apparel Liquidation

These mix assorted clothes are a huge source of cash. Here you will find a great variety of clothing categories at wholesale prices.

Buy Mix Assorted Clothing

At Premium Quality Pallets we offer the best clothing liquidation pallets deals in the market and the biggest hauls than any other apparel liquidator in the market. 

Clothing liquidation pallets deals are plentiful and especially at apparel liquidators like us. The number of clothes we receive on a monthly and weekly basis is estimated in huge numbers, these numbers are increasing over time thanks to liquidations from major bands, manufacturers and retailers. New pallets are received every day, within, is a variety of clothes and apparels ranging from men to women and also children.

These apparel liquidations are perfect for resale in the off-price industry and emerging markets around the world

Best Wholesale Clothing Liquidation Pallets

We are America’s premier choice when it comes to getting the best deals on affordable and trendy clothing below the original retail cost (MSRP) We have become the number one choice for clothing liquidation pallets buyers from all over the world because of our experience in buying and selling surplus and liquidating American brands sold throughout the retail industry. Buy clothing liquidation pallets at cheap prices

How Do We Get Our Truckloads and Pallets of Clothes?

Our clothing  liquidation and pallets are obtained through several methods, including but not limited to:

Shelf Pulls

Not all the clothes put on a shelf in a store end up being sold, some of them remain there for a while until the season is past or they are not just a fashion trend anymore.  The majority of these clothes have failed to sell even though discounts were applied, but this does not mean that nobody likes the displayed item, it could just a simple season factor or color preference.

Some of these clothes may still have price or store tags attached to them, which means they have never been worn. Most of the time these clothes drop into one of our hauls, they are always in good condition even though some of them may show signs of human touch and handling.

All the available apparel items liquidated we offer have no visible or significant damages, some are ready to be worn, we have checked that for you. Get your clothes pallets, and start selling.

Customer Returns

It goes without saying that not all customers are satisfied with some clothes or have second thoughts about them when they get home. In our apparel pallets, you will also find customer returns that had been returned to the seller for various reasons. Most of the time, if not always, these returned goods never make it to the shelves again or even the stocks, instead, these clothes get liquidated. This fact does not deny that some of the clothes may have small tears or defects in them, however, they can be simply fixed.

Consignment Stores

Secondhand stores are also great contributors to our wholesale clothing services. The clothes are usually donated or sold by the previous owner for a small profit. Since these clothes are donated or sold for profit, this means that they are still wearable and do not contain any permanent patches or tears. This is a logical thing since the seller will not sell something he cannot wear and the seller will not resell something he would not buy in the first place.

Our apparel pallets contain clothes from secondhand stores as well, and these consignment acquired clothes are always in perfect shape.


The hardest thing for big Department Stores is to fit everything in their stocks and keep it there until they can be resold. Clothing is seasonal, and stores bring new items every season. When the issue of stock becomes hard to deal with, most stores resolve to liquidation. 

Liquidating clothes because of the season is our favorite. The clothes we receive are always neat, clean and have never been worn. They are always in excellent condition. 

What clothing can I expect to find in the mix?

At Quality Whole Sale Pallets, we care about everyone equally, therefore we have items in all categories, you can find whatever you want in our clothing pallets: 

Men’s Wear

Our stock of men’s clothing contains what follows:

Winter and Fall Clothing:

Most notably, Sweaters, jackets, sweatshirts, long sleeve shirts are all in there to keep you warm. There are also hats and all the other clothes to get you ready for winter and fall.

Summer and Spring Clothing

Who doesn’t like to keep cool in the hottest days of summer? our clothing pallets contain items like t-shirts, shirts, shorts, tank tops, gym shorts and so much more. Best quality clothing liquidation pallets.

Formal Clothing: Looking elegant is a thing of beauty. Shirts, suits, blazers, and ties can all be found in our formal apparel pallets.

Women’s Wear

Our most sold clothing pallets are those of women. With this big demand, we try to deliver to the ladies out there, both formal and casual clothing. In addition, they also have the choice to choose from our specialized liquidation of clothing:

Maternity Wear

The name suggests it, the clothes in these pallets are maternity dresses, skirts, pants, and shorts are available for pregnant women and future moms.

Plus size Clothing

Evening dresses, casual wear, jeans, blouses, pants among others is available for this category.

Children’s Clothing

Now, the most important thing to us is kids, we make sure that all apparels mix are colorful, fun and will be loved by both the children and the parents.

Swimwear Truckload Liquidations

Swimsuits are available for all, men, women, and children in a mix we call USA Mix

Swimsuits are not exclusive to women and men, we also offer the best swimsuits for kids who developed a love for water and swimming and would like to make a splash every now and then


We have pajamas, nightgowns, nightdresses for all ages. You and your child will sleep in comfortable and safe clothing.


For men, we have boxers, tank tops, and briefs. For women, we have brassieres, pantyhose, and lingerie. Hundreds of them.

Accessories Truckload Liquidations

Our services do not only cover clothing. As a part of apparel, these include socks, belts, gloves, eyewear, almost everything you would need to make an outfit.


This part is about all that we have not mentioned. workout gear, Jeans, tights, jeggings, jumpers, overalls, coats, and rompers. No matter what garment you are interested in, you can find it at Quality Whole Sale Pallets,

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In terms of price, convenience, and selection, no other liquidator can’t beat our wholesale apparel truckload liquidation prices. If you are looking for bulk buying liquidation clothes and apparel, all you have to do is visit us, you can choose from our categories and hundreds of items.

Clothing Liquidation Pallets

Our liquidation pallets of clothing from United States Department Stores are blended using a unique and proven formula designed to help companies like you to be successful in their own Markets.

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